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Answering the Call

Have you seriously wondered why people ever started writing diaries?

(Hi, I know I’ve been gone forever, life issues!)

Yes, we come across the preserved and published diaries of literary and political consequence, of war victims, of famous writers. And we read them as novels. But think of the writer one moment..why does she write. 

She writes for herself. A part of her strives to give permanence to the life and times through her eyes, and a part of it is strictly therapeutic – to ease the burden of secrets, those secrets that emerge out of pain and those that have no ear but the diary page.

Rilke, Bukowski and others have hammered home the point that I increasingly feel today – write if you must write. write if  without it you will perish..

It is true that the urgency of taking the pain to heal oneself and even to make sense of the maze that is life has brought forth some of the masterpieces of literature. It is when the writing has intense objectivity that it gains universal subjectivity..

When the muse assists a writer to take the pen and let out his pain and experience it assumes the stature of Art, for that pain or laughter or angst or tears touches the Humane.

It is then that the objective situation becomes magic. A schoolgirl, a middle aged banker, a prostitute or anybody will adopt it as her child, and derive pleasure from a singular interpretation, that is close to her life’s context.

Somebody once told me the arts are what we make of it. We create our own arts. And these are our ways of celebrating the One. 

Rise and keep your mind on the higher call. Soon, you’ll tide over and hit sands of gold.Image

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