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Make the Logo Bigger and Switch on the Sitcom





So. This blog is dying a convenient death.

And I would need a separate blog obituary to lament the causes of its early demise – the onrush of pathetic incidents crowding my otherwise consistently pathetic life and and so forth.

Let us not digress. For a famed film maker at the Kolkata International Film Festival stated something to the effect of: If you are a young creative happy with your situation, you’re as good as dead. It is only if you are angry and frustrated with your condition, that your anger can be a possible fuel, a possible channel for greater things.

When I first heard this, I couldn’t help thinking of my future as a Nobel Laureate.

To say am angry is biting an inch off a mile long spaghetti noodle oodling out of your dinner plate. 

The situation is bad. And this statement is the seed of coagulated history. (At this moment, I can hear the inner conciousness of this planet, impinged in trillions of homes and streets and shacks and whatnot gasping out this statement – so lets not do a hullaballoo out of it.)

Intelligently, let’s screen it down, The situation is abysmally bad for the creatives 

I understand people fear them more and primarily before they come to admire them. Among the millions who aspire to the tag of a ‘creative’ and make copious extrinsic efforts to ‘become’ one of the haloed sections, soon fade away when they receive the surprising social reciprocation and come to understand the tremendous level of sacrifice and perseverance the title involves. 

Some are unfortunate enough to be born one. A poet, an artist. 

There is no becoming in being, in bare existence, it as simple as hunger, pain and sometimes love. 

It is then when the problem starts, or ends. It is how you see it really. There is no escaping your existence as a creative – the voices in your head, the visions, the bent of your mind that gives you convictions herculeously stronger or liquidly weaker than others..you mostly live in extremes, you dream of rocks sprouting flowers and flowers splitting rocks, you write-sing- draw things that nobody understands and you grow into your own beautiful margin until some of you make the necessary mistake getting out to make money like the ‘others’

You where your poetry is scoffed and your slogans are commended

But…But…this wasn’t supposed to be!


You go where your art is ‘too good to be used’

You don’t understand…!


You go where your films are broken into inane sitcoms

This wasn’t meant to be…!


Are you, dear reader angry, like me? Then home you will run and Create. Create you will, despite and because of the limits. For Limits shall show you the way to cross them. Stay Odd. Create Dangerously.




  1. October 21, 2014 at 12:02 pm

    I liked the cartoon. and your idea.Keep it up.

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