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You call that creativity?

Caution: highly opinionated post ahead. Practice discretion about ‘getting ideas’.

Creativity isn’t a monopoly. You can’t own it.

Everybody is creative. Imagine Science. And it isn’t an oxymoron at all.

Take science that changes the world. It is Imagined Science. We’re hypothesizing. That stage where there is a gaping blankness, and someone has to say the all important what if.. Hell, there’s a whole scientific theory about uncertainty!

Lewis Carrol

And Lewis Carrol was a mathematician.

There is nothing without imagination. Throw yourself into the larger scheme of things and exclaim at the primal wonder of life Why am I here? Who did such a fine job?

The Greatest Creator of all time. And you don’t need to be a believer to believe that.

Dear Reader. Whether you’re counting banknotes or doing art, you can’t deny creativity. Coz that would be rather stupid. It would be denying yourself.

Durga Jana, a dear tea-server at office reaffirmed my belief. He’s included in my list of creators. He’s christened me TK Madam. It’s translated to slangish bangla as tar-kata meaning crazy/eccentric.

I rest my case. 🙂


Yours creatively,

Sreemanti Sengupta


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