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Booking a day for Books

It’s getting tougher.

The heat’s on. The ecstacy high.

Yes The Odd Magazine is doing well. Yes, am doing passingly at work. But Books?

Oh no! You can’t get that out of me! There was this persistant question in kiddy slam books that came your way in school:

How would you like to die? The other questions were obviously more interesting. My answers were clearly not.

Name: Dude! I sit next to you!

Interests: Brooding

Address: You coming over? Get your own food.

Fav Actor: Yawn (pssst: my Baba likes Sunil Shetty a lot. Scared enough now?)

Fav Actress:____

First Crush: ummm..well…hmmm

Crazy over: Books

Dream about: Books

Want to marry: Was that a question or a threat?

Lines about me:  (this one was tough, I was running minus popularity, max geek, so here goes my ego..) Be your simple sweet self (arrrgh..I could kill myself for that one today!)

How would you like to die?

With a book over my tummy. My specs hanging down ugly. A thrill on my cheeks. Of a pleasure attack just before the book’s end. Bliss.

I mightn’t get enough time for it today. But give me heaven, and I’ll litter it with books.

Watch out for mine  🙂  It’s tentatively called First Person  🙂

– Sreemanti Sengupta

Book Butterfly

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