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…..And we’re back! Let’s make Oddity 2 a success once again. For those who don’t know us yet, The Odd Magazine celebrate the Odd, acausal, the postmodern, irrational and the surreal. We publish anything and everything that sends our neurons shooting, our eyes falling out of sockets. For a better idea, go take a look at Oddity 1

Needless to say, we especially encourage experiments with the written word, the brush, the camera, music, miixed media and what have you. If Creation is as mysterious and enigmatic to you as to us, shoot us your submission at

For details, see

My inbox longs to see you.

Be Odd. Very Odd.

Yours Oddly,
Sreemanti Sengupta
Odditor, The Odd Magazine

P.S. – We’re trying to get you a printable EBook format of Oddity 1. Waiiit up 🙂

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Oddity 1 from The Odd Magazine is out!

Go hit and discover the world of Odd. The world where things are not taken as they are.
Where ‘different’ and ‘unique’ are poorer cousins. Beyond the raging hormones, tatooed muscles and exceptions, it’s time we dug up the roots.
Life is what amazes us. And no, we don’t go into hammocky rides into exotic jungles to re-experience stone-age clumsiness. We live in the Here and Now. The urbane everydayness holds wonders. As we embark on a journey of the post-modern. Surreal, Absurd, Magic-Reality, Bold, tongue-in-cheek, Candid. We are out to explore. We are out to be odd. Very Odd.

Yours Oddly,
Sreemanti Sengupta
Odditor, The Odd Magazine

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