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Great Snakes!

Kolkata pitter pattered yesterday. I drenched in it (tee hee hee)

And watched mashed neon lights without my squinted specs (Did I tell you my eye squint is increasing at an admirable rate). Now Dickens hits me hard. Look Sharp he said.

I also realized am like an exotic tea leaf. It’s like going down to Darjeeling and hovering around an expensive smelling tea taster, who repeatedly takes and squirts out tea (and gets paid an amount that makes me wanna squirt the life outta myself). And well, well, sip a little, and behave as if you know the taste for two pichla janams. And then go back home and buy the same old CTC. Goes well with same old chanachur. I am too inane for domesticity 😛


You, there, get up and read. Will you?



Love and Hugs,

the ever ironic, Sreemanti

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