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The Ripple Effect

You have to experience it to believe it. Kolkata in a minibus I mean.

On one serene (intended sarcasm) day, I was on the red yellow tin monster about to begin it’s marathon of a journey to my office. (people think am crazy coz I actually find the mini more convenient than the metro rail. ah me!) I was reading my travel books.

I carry two books to read on the way. Presently am having a bi-lingual and surreal experience with Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen and Chotoloker Chotobela by Malay Roy Choudhury.

Two people, over 50 years in age, an age I call ‘idle-prone’ among the adda-addicted Bengalis, began a seemingly peacable discussion on the disturbing political climate in the state after Ms. Mamata Banerjee  overturned the 34 year reign of Left power.

If ever there was a recipe for disaster in this city, it is this, it is this, it is this.

Reader, if you have had the good fortune to sit idly by a pond which has not been converted into built up area by people hungry for space, then, I hope you have also had the pleasure of dodging a pebble and straying your eyes on how far it goes, and ruminating on the ripples that it creates. Growing bigger, blending into the horizon.

In an unfortunate similarity of events, this is what Kolkata addas turn out to be. It starts with the two chit chatters. Others, who’re equally frustrated with their puffed-perfect Government jobs, catch smatches of it, and deliberately join in, knowing only too well how it would go.

There I sat and closed the entirely exciting reading session, watching in growing amazement how a whisper spread like wildfire, gathering comments, anger, losing track, succumbing to pure irrelevance, until the will to make your insecure voice heard was all that mattered.

Ah, well. I couldn’t help but smile at the ridiculious sameness of Kolkata.


the amazed Sreemanti

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