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Googly Woogly Wash :)


My profession amazes me. All the time. Whether it is for the insane working hours, the mandatory drinking habits, or for the loveliest experiences you can hope to get in this planet, I hail the great industry of advertising! I was on my way back, sweating, panting, displaying my unusual handicap in crossing roads, when a baby, peeka-booed at me from Mama’s lap. Well, it was the cutest thing on earth. It was in dire need of certain colourful balloons and was crying his head off for them. Somehow (and let me tell you, this happens quite often with me) he looked at my face in boiling traffic and flashed the oh-so-cute smile.

That’s the moment. Stillness resides. And you just want to squeeze that angel in your arms. And say:

(1) Hi there fella! You ain’t gettin’ those balloons.

(2) Well, I hope you don’t urinate on my denims.

(3) What a lovely face. Now, lemme seee…is it Hugh Grant? Rahul Dravid?



I think you get the drift. So when Ponds came up with the ‘Googly Woogly’ ads on the ‘soft skin’ positioning, they must’ve thought of a mother touching her baby’s skin and the unsayable compassion foaming up on her lips as beautiful nonsensical words. Of love and Motherhood.

The mordernists discarded ‘language’ as a valid form of expression.

When you can’t say it, just googlywooglywash it!





the googlywoogly Sreemanti



  1. April 5, 2012 at 3:51 am

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  2. April 6, 2012 at 7:02 am

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