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I repeat: I am not in the mood for pick-up lines

Compliments are welcome. Especially when you’re nowhere near expecting them.

It is a well known fact in my immediate family that am a monochrome woman. If I have to pack my bags and run away one blue moon, my luggage would be a perfect palate of blacks, whites, browns, and grim pastels. I had accidentally bought this yellow T because I was steadily growing plump and bloated and needed something to aesthetically hide that tummy. Women are forever suffering from the disorder of fantacising that they can binge and strut around in size 24 shrink fit denims at the same time.

I enter. A number of faces turn towards me. Nobody talks. Everybody notices.

Cut to female co-worker: “Are you wearing different socks by mistake or is it designed that way.”

Blushed brilliantly, I mumble, “It’s intended.”

Co-worker (surprised beyond recognition) “Whyyyy??”

Me, “Ahem. So what was the brief for the paint brand again?”



Coagulated response: “You got a boyfriend?”

Me – “No”

They: “So why’re you looking like this?”

Me: “Like what??”

They: “Almost..nice!”

Me: “Almost??”

They: “Yeah, young, fresh, why didn’t you wear such colours before??”

Me: “Ahem. So what was the brief for the paint brand again?”

I did a crash course on bankruptcy and bought a couple of tees today. My wardrobe looks dead already.


Tip of the Day: If you think someone is looking/doing good, say it. Even if you don’t know him/her and will never do.

It changes wardrobes. It changes lives.

Wishing you a riot of colours this Holi. Play Safe. Play Young. Play true.


Sreemanti Sengupta

  1. March 5, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Letter to the Writer:

    I’m not entirely clear on what you are presenting in this article, but I can speak to the points for which I understand.

    It is very true that an unexpected nicety statement to a person(s) is the first step in making someone’s day that much more enjoyable. For it has been proven by Universities and clinics that a simple gesture of kindness kind increase the amount of serotonin(via the tryptophan molecule)realsed in a person’s brain by up to 50%. This also reminds me of a statistic that states: Children under the age of 10 laugh up to 300 times a day, when adults laugh up to only 15-20 times per day, on average. Why is that? There can be many reasons for why children tend to be happier than adults. But, one thing remains clear; that the lack of attention one gets can/may be associated with the person’s sense of psychological self-worth. For in our current(somewhat broken)society you see this most prevalent. We see how we are regularly exposed to people that are praised for being rich, celebrity, or intelligent. We also see a result that these people seem to be happy – or at least happier then us. Due to this, we associated their success(praising by the peer masses)with their happiness. So in conclusion: for when we don’t receive as much praise as we would like based on our perceived notion of the societal norms for praises and accolades, we tend to seek it out. But, when we receive it unknowingly, it sends a release of serotonin to our biological and psychological systems resulting in a boost of confidence.

    So I agree: Praised the[normally]upraised, and praise yourself for the good deeds you’ve done!


  2. March 22, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    As soon as I discovered this site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

    • March 23, 2012 at 12:59 pm

      that’s so kind of you!! check out my new announcement on the site. I need all your help 🙂

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