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So, what’s new?

I can’t figure it out. No, really.

What the eff is wrong with people?

Every room I enter, every sip I take, every word spoken seems so dripping of adulteration! I am nfortunately coming close to the base fact – there is NOTHING in the world more important/more interesting than SEX. It’s everywhere.

I cannot imagine how people have literally dragged this simple and natural affair to the streets. They are creating such a abysmal ruckus, much like the mad Gold Rush. We all do it. What’s the big deal mate? It’s part of life. Part of love.

It disappoints me the way it’s all out there like marbles you can kick along your way. Bodies mangled up in nakedness. You can absolutely buy it off the shelf. Where’s the charm? It’s there – the slang, the grunts, the snorts, the farts.

Grow up people. You’ve finished the Biology chapter on Human Reproductory System in the 9th standard.



Sreemanti Sengupta

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  1. March 2, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    This is a very interesting observation. For I do agree that there are some things in our society that are over used and over indulged in. But, sex is a primal natural action which revolves around procreation of a particular type of organism. What happens in a humanoid’s psychology, is that the sensations that are associated with the action of sex become habitual due to their pleasure concluding factors. For sex is not the only area we do this in, as well. When we find an action or a situation that satisfies our deep seeded need to find happiness, we cling to these as ways of escaping your day-to-day troubles.

    In regards to people talking and/or gesturing towards the action(s) of sex, this is due(in part) to many factors. Those could be:
    *Societal Influence
    *Parenting Conditioning
    *Peer Influence
    *Self Value
    * Psychological Issues.
    *Personal Views
    -To name a few…

    I think what this argument boils down to a major issue that runs across the all mediums.
    That is: the lack of individual striving for moral and ethical astuteness.

    Meaning, that due to[many factors]in today’s society you find that people(mostly of younger age)find it less necessary to keep their actions, words, and ideals “clean”, or of decent merit.

    • March 4, 2012 at 6:56 pm

      Very keenly studied. Thanks!
      In my experience, abuses (which are primarily based on sex as an activity) act as some sort of ‘popularity crutch’ or the ‘insecurity cushion’. Every time, I hear a giggle that has its source in some such discussion, it is very clear the the people involved are filling some social void of ‘belongingness’ with it. I may also tell you, that age is becoming less and less of a parameter for these discussions. In fact, the obsession seems to grow with age, in direct proportion to the person’s realization that he is ‘aging’ and losing the ‘edge’. Thanks for dropping by!

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