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Because I feel mellow

Lobo is playing. Some of the best mellowed romantic numbers that consistently make me go weak in the knees. Marriage and Love and Sex are supposed to be different ‘games’. You’re supposed to get up and give your wifey a peck on the cheek, hand her some rushed currencies for the ever hassling kids, bills  et all, and then hook up with an expensive young thing. I’ve tried hard enough to accept this. The gushing effervescence on Valentine’s, volumnising the greeting card sales. Is that it dear reader? I hope there’s something more than that. Like the way am able to say that Akira Kurusawa is brilliantly simple. The film Ran, it left me in tears. Behind the grandeur and all the devices, it is essentially the stor of a father and his 3 sons. I’ll tell you more about it when am a little less dreamy. Back to the book now  🙂

 Yours mellowly,
Sreemanti Sengupta
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