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It’s Time..

To Let Go and open up to Receive.

To go beyond Understanding and Realize.

To stop Leaning on the Past or Fantasize about the Future.

To stop Writing and go on to Feel.

To stop trying to Deserve Friends and let others Deserve Me.

To give myself the respect I truly deserve.

To gather Strength and not luxuriate in Self Pity.

To not hanker after shoulders to cry on and ears to litsen no matter how lonely I feel.

To understand that I am not a failure,. That eveything is not my fault.

To use Writing as a weapon against people whom I’ve loved and they  who have left me when I could only offer them tears.

To get out of the fairytale that doing good has rewards.

And finally, to realize, that I can carry on, no matter what.

Yours Joblessly, The Jobless Ideator

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