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Hafeez Meet Shop

Kolkata’s on fire. This time, they’re playing against the biggies – Team Jaipur! The city’s all geared up to celebrate The Kolkata Book Fair, trailing the Jaipur Literary Festival in both chronology and format. Kolkata Book Fair is to witness the first ever literary seminar in with cultural activities. The literary extravaganza is being called the Kolkata Literary Meet – an event to be lapped up by anyone remotely connected to/interested in the world of literature.

When: Jan 25th to Jan 29th, 2012  Where: Milan Mela Grounds, Kolkata

(Sigh, I didn’t get passes. I can kill myself, over and over again!)

Speaking of meets, ask any meet loyalist, where good meet is available, and more often than not, a neatly bloodied shop called Hafeez Meet Shop, will be gprsed to you.

These are some of the rave reviews I have got,

“Hafeez’s has the best cuts and sizes!”

“You go on a Sunday, and the queue stretches on forever.”

“It’s so tender, just one whistle of the pressure cooker.”

And some anti-rave reviews:

“He’s eating too much. What’ll happen to his cholestrol?”

“He always goes to his friends’ to eat and blames it on the meet. But I know he’s eying that witch. Sonali, her name is, wants to eat up my family through Hafeez’s meet!”


(Lord, can I steal some passes? Can I go fishing and use SONAR to find some, dropped by my competitors in some pond? Lord, are you even litsening?)

Welcome to Kolkata. The city of paradoxes. Where literature and absurd spelling reside in an illicit yet hamonious relationship! As you must have guessed by now, The meet above is meat, precisely, red meat.

[if you are a bengali and reading this past midnight where Hafeez and others in his trade have finally closed down, please keep in mind that most computer keyboards are not drool-proof.]

Take a walk around the city. Walk right into a shady little shack and demand the menu card. And don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

photograph courtesy sajana j

This is a city where College Street assumes newer names on each of the red-yellow mini buses: Collage Street

Food gives a middle finger to Webster: Chineeese, Chiken Role, Pilen Water

Where everything is fair in love. Literally: Want to make fraanship?, I labh you, Feell my love (yeah..totally!)

Patriotism runs in the streets: India is greet!


A city of psychedelia. Where hidden corners croon with drug peddlars. Foreigners are sold ‘healthy Indian popcorn’ at Rs. 50/- (the non-healthy, non-Indian versions we get come at Rs. 5/- or less), where the goddess comes home every year and is moulded into ‘weird themes’ and the immersed idols are expertly rescued by kids-on-the-job, sold to the idol makers, who do a perfect job at moulding it into the what’s-your-name-goddess whose festival is coming up. (Whew!)

So, you see, bad spelling isn’t all you get here. You get passes to the Kolkata Literary festival too.

(sigh! how can u b so cruel? R u hareing me? I want some pases!)

Yours Joblessly, The Jobless Ideator

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  1. January 24, 2012 at 4:51 pm

    Hi, Thanks for dropping by the blog. You have an interesting blog too.
    Just spotted a picture taken by me on your blog, btw, on this post. Would appreciate credits, if you plan on using it. (It even has my watermark, if you look closely 🙂 )

    • January 24, 2012 at 6:25 pm

      absolutely. I am sorry about it. could please tell me your name in full. I’ll link it to your blog. Pardon me for the mistake. It yu’re not alright with it, I’ll have it removed. Just let me know. Thanks and sorry again 🙂

      Yours Joblessly,
      The Jobless Ideator

      • January 25, 2012 at 2:58 am

        Not a prob. Do use the picture, if you like 🙂
        pls link it to my blog in this name ‘sajana j’ .
        Thanks and have a nice day.

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