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Fuck You, Television!

To those who go to bed decked up for a party. And go to parties decked up for death by Accessory-Asphyxiation.

To those who pan cameras and show statuesque faces for a good 30 seconds and more.

To those who treat life and emotions as material for ‘just another episode’.

To those who play absurd/loud/imbecilic music in the background.

To those whose sarees weigh more than them.

To those whose slaps are followed with moments intense and meaningless airtime.

To those mega hits whose names are long enough to cure insomniacs.

To those families whose internal conspiracies can put World War II to shame.

To those who’re only too prepared to meet ‘some offspring’ from ‘some marriage/illicit relationship’ emerging from some lane and say a cool ‘Hello!’

To all of you who’ve robbed me of silences.

To all those who’ve made me hate my near ones because I think they need a rehab to help get over TV hypnotism.

To all those I’ve lost to televised myopism.

To all those who’re swimming in riches and don’t give damn to what I scribble here.

I have two words for you people.


Yours Joblessly, The Jobless Ideator

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