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When was the last time you heard the sound of papers rustling in a sudden breeze?

I haven’t, for forever now.

Like many, my ears too have got into the weirdest comfort zone possible: the sound of the rushing traffic, the cacophony of a million mobile ring tones, construction workers ripping apart old buildings and building new ones whenever and wherever possible, the computer keyboard tapping with an irritating sound when you hit the <space> key, the water pump groaning to pull up H2O to the 35th floor and a mix of mundane, sedate sounds.


A day without honking horns and you’re put off track.

You suddenly start hearing the eerie unfamiliar.

Tap water dripping consistently on the plastic bucket: tip tap tip tap

The whir of a honey bee’s wings who’s just smuggled itself inside your room: zzzzzzzzzzzz

The smack of your lips after tasting home-made mango pickle: ooomllchaaa

A whispering heart against your ear: dhip dhip dhip dhip

An irritating mosquito you can’t lay your hands on: nnnnnnnn

A satisfied sigh after a wholesome meal: sighhhhhhh

The rustle of the morning papers by the window you’d forgotten to shut: ruskhusrussskhuskk


We’ve lost the sounds of silence. Like silent lambs in a jungle of tigers, these sounds have given in to noises. What disturbs me more is the fact, that these sounds have entered the mists of popular romance. More often than not, the protagonist professes his love under the shady silences of birds chirping, a naughty breeze playing truant with her curls. We’ve managed to push these sounds so far away from the real world that poets and writers have to specially appoint their muses to excavate these to establish an ‘exotic’ setting. Ironically, it reads mighty good.

This theory works for other things that should’ve been taken for granted.

Creativity: Who’re you kidding? All of us are born creative. Knowing that this statement jeopardizes my job will not stop me from wondering what happened to make us blind and hunt down ‘Creative Directors’ and pay them for being human.

Charity: We got a word for helping a blind man cross the road. It’s called ‘Your Good Deed of The Day’. You can redeem the reward points after death and get a room of your choice, probably in a cozy place called ‘Heaven’.

Sex: Sex and perversion need to go straight to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not column. They are the most attention grabbing and talkable topics in this planet. The fact that we’ve being doing it forever, doesn’t matter. Kepler 22 may be the next destination to continue the eternal jokes.

We’ve got it all wrong. We are making fantasies out of the simple, the beautiful and the obvious. Things that should be as natural as attending to an itching spot in your body have gained distorted importance. We’ve worked so hard in complicating things that deconstruction into the Simple is today another ‘intellectual debate’.

Stop. Litsen. Feel.

The papers are rustling for a purpose. They’re there to tell you that they miss you as a simple girl with rough pigtails, in a world where the lipstick shade didn’t bother you as much as making a fool proof plan to steal your grandma’s pickle.

Go back. Life’s calling.


Yours Joblessly,  The Jobless Ideator

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