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It’s disgusting, I tell you!

Last night, I was taking my lonely walk home from office, I saw two young lads, all decked up in their youth, approaching from the opposite direction. I was in a hurry, ‘coz I had a lot of jobs to finish off. I had to shop for some cooking and send off a courier. It 8ish at night, and the cold was beginning to tell on my infected throat.

Just then, off at earshot distance, I heard one saying to another,

“Kolkata is a dead place. There’s nothing to be gained here.”

So why the hell are you young man? Why have you chosen Kolkata’s dimly-lit, pothole afflicted streets to enjoy your prime? And what about the hours you spend with the neighbourhood chaiwallah drinking strong milk tea on credit until your bill outstrip a year’s pocket money?

They say the dead elephant is worth lakhs. Everybody, including me is dissatisfied, discontented with what we have.

A legend goes that a crying mother carrying her dead son came to the Buddha and cried, “I’ve heard you can perform miracles. Give back my son’s life, O Lord!” The Buddha, opened his eyes closed in meditation, smiled and replied, “Bring me rice from any household that hasn’t faced any sorrow. And I will grant life to your boy.” The woman went from door to door. Everybody was ready to help her with rice. But there wasn’t a single household without sorrow. The woman learnt her lesson and did not demand her son’s life another time.

So, yes, young boys, Kolkata indeed is lagging behind. 34 years of communist rule has wreaked into the system. There a man-holes open here, there are hospitals asphyxiating their patients there, there are schools choosing students in a lottery. But Ramu Da’s cha remains, the coffee house remains, the Dover Lane remains, Kabir Suman remains, Trincas remains. And you, who live and spread discontent like wildfire also remain. If you want it to change, get up and change it. Else, keep your traps shut. Thank You.

Yours, Joblessly,      The Jobless Ideator

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