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“Shall we dance, Mr. Clarke?”

[It’s exactly 02.41 am on December 25, 2011 here in Kolkata, India. I wish you all Merry Christmas. And Mr. Gere, I love you 🙂 ]

You could guess from the title what am excited about. It’s an old movie called Shall We Dance featuring Richard Gere (I repeat, I love him) and Jeniffer Lopez. So it’s Saturday (now, a Sunday) and I got some movies on hire, determined to spend time with myself, forget office, forget I haven’t a friend in this planet, forget that I’m depressive and boost a false ego saying that am on a life drug that’s gonna carry me through all the mess am in. So well, I sat down with this movie. Now, 2 years before, I would’ve loved it all the same. But there’s a difference now. Back then, I might’ve given it objectivity. And objectivity solves a lot of problems. You see the film with the mythical popcorn, which you have to eat no matter what to keep up appearences, and you really really REALLY enjoy it. But now, am in bit of a soup. You see, I tend to drift into stories more often now. I tend to get my heartstrings entangled more consistently. And tangled strings don’t always give you Beethoven. To cut a long story short. I got way too much involved and it hurt big time. A moment I caught myself gaping at the pair finding lost passion only to realize that some irrepairable parts of me are escapng a hard false vigil.

[I really do love you Mr. Gere]

I had stave it off with The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, watching it back-to-back. But then it again drove me to this blog. Have you ever experienced this? You know, a line somewhere, a scene, a whole movie, that gets too close for comfort? The cynical me is reminded that it’s all up for sale. You could just invent a time machine and go right back to the set of the movie. Miss Mitzi’s Dance Class, where John Clarke came searching for happiness. And what do you find? You find your tears and your inspiration’s worth a ‘Roll Camera, Action!’

Or you could look at it the oter way. Indian actor, Sachin Khedekar, said this in some obscure interview, “I love being an actor. It’s living many lives in one life.” Now, this is just one of the things that has stayed with me. If you look at it this way, it’s beautiful. Really. Here are lives within other lives, that are affecting other lives. You set up dreams, and some touch other people. You’re a God. You actually have the power to make a John Clarke, or a Godfather, a Hannibal, a Mr. Holmes, anything. You make money if it sells. You make good conscience if it changes something somewhere. I really hope somebody’s thinking this way.

Thinking of Sachin Khedekar nostalgizes me to the days when we as a family of 4 used to dote on this sitcom called Imtihaan (Test/Examination/Trial). Sachin Khedekar was a young actor just starting out in the sit com and the cable television had not yet barged into the scene with naked girls on satin sheets urging little boys to masturbate for the love of life. This sitcom had a beautiful sad soundtrack. (By the way, I have a peculiar love for title tracks of sit coms. I remember almost all from childhood. I’ll have a post about this if it fancies me.). This obviously wasn’t available on youtube ‘coz everybody’s forgotten it. So am just laying down the lines for you.

Aankhon se rokh le, ye hain assuon ka toofan/ye hi hai zindagani, har kadam pe hai imtihan

Hold back that storm of tears/This is life, a trial awaits you at every step

I hope you and me learn to do the same. For every passion that seizes us to forgotten tears, may we find another door open. May we, indeed hold back the storm of tears. Amen.

Thank you Mr. Gere. We all love you. (Well, me, maybe a little bit more!! )

Merry Christmas everyone. May the good old man fill your darnd stockings with loads of Courage.

P.S. – Just for the sake of the festive spirit, can I expect some inee minee comments. Please?

Yours, Joblessly       The Jobless Ideator

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