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We are Ideating!

Warning: Infuriating self-talk ahead

‘Hey! You gotta start writing something!’

‘(yawn) Wha-a-t? Me? Am in office mate. I get my best sleep here!’

‘What the hell do you mean, you fool? Why did you make this blog in the first place?’

‘Did I? DID I? O holy-brainless-jobless me! Suppose I have ta write now!’

‘Yes, dear! Cut out the false accent, will ya?’

Stricter Warning: Potentially serious talk ahead

A very warm welcome indeed to all! (stop imagining you’re the run up to Lady Ga ga’s stage show. Nobody’s litsening!)

Let’s cut out the cynicism, the pessimism and the dangerous isms that pull us down. I’ve started this blog with a dream. (Wh-a-at! Not again!! )

A dream to repair and salvage the goodness in our exceptionally complicated lives. And I’ve chosen a path for it – To Ideate.

Don’t even c-r–a–w–l to a conclusion. This blog isn’t about being a strategist, a visionary, a scientist. It is all this and more. It’s about loving life and celebrating imperfections. It is about laughing at your own expense, scoffing off problems and turning them to opportunities. It’s all very easily said.


But worth a try, ain’t it?

The name and inspiration for this blog comes from a certain IBM commercial (play it above!). The commercial is one that has stuck to my mind like an unforgettable dream. It might seem witty-funny and exceptionally impractical to you. But it gave me something to think about.

Ideating – Whazzat? Really – what is it?

Ideating to me is the germ of living happily. It’s like the Leonard Cohen song which asks you not to pass by life like a tourist. To stop and actually take stock of what you’re doing. To inject meaning, hope and happiness into every moment. Yes, I too, have seen it all. Love, loss, death. Am sure you have too. Don’t give up, I say. God’s given you the largest brain in this whole universe. And what do you do with it? Have tea, flip the newspaper, tap on the keyboard, yawn at board meetings, Tweet and Chat. Watch porn. Go through the motions. And one fine day, your eyes grow misty, your breathing becomes heavy, you don’t have the strength to even lift up that hand to wipe the tears of regret, and poof! you’re no more! Startled? That’s exactly what’s gonna happen. I’m not telling you to go berserk, be a nomadic hooligan. No, that isn’t the only way. You can tap at your keyboard and still hum a song. This blog is just my way of saying: Wake Up! Think! Do Something!

And I am back. To the less preachy self. Just come up here and share. Follow threads, participate in the Sickly Sunday issues and do pour your heart out. You need space there 🙂 

Here I end my first post. Please do comment. Please Please. Please.

Cut it out! You sound desperate enough!

You sure? 🙂

Yours, joblessly The Jobless Ideator

FBI*   Do visit the extremely uninspiring Facebook Page. And force yourself to share it. Thank you!

* FBI – Forgotten Boring Information
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